Nose hair trimmers are mainly used by men to get rid of unwanted hair that sticks out of their noses. Nose trimmers have become almost a social necessity to possess today what with nose hairs being seen to be so unacceptable socially for any man – at least any man in decent company.

Unfortunately, nose hairs are very much a part of life, and some men who belong to certain ethnic groups or some who have higher testosterone levels are more prone to having more nostril hair than others. Nose hairs have over the years become a joke – and they are made fun of in comedy shows and funny serials and movies. So men don’t really like to be seen out with nose hairs in case they are laughed at.

One needs to be well groomed today at work and in social situations. Whether it’s a date or a get-together or a party, a man is expected to look his best and to dress appropriately. Even a casual day at the beach or a picnic means that there has to be an element of style in whatever you’re wearing. And stylish clothes and accessories do not go well with nose hairs.

Unfortunately, a lot of men have the problem of nose hairs getting a bit out of control. Till now, the older generation either didn’t bother about it or the ones who did pluck it or cut it with scissors. Today, the nose hair trimmer has taken over and possibly every man has one. It’s not just the fact that it is stylish to possess one. It is also because it makes trimming nose hairs so easy. It really is a welcome addition to a man’s repertoire of gadgets for personal use.

So small, so compact and yet it has become so much a part of so many men’s lives. So much so that many men cannot conceive that things may just go back to the way there were. They are all set to keep their nose trimmers as a part of their lives today.